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How to arrange a Rental Valuation

To arrange a no obligation free rental valuation and learn more about the services we offer either:

One of our experienced staff will be pleased to visit you to advise you on your property's letting potential and fully explain the services that we offer. We will not 'over' value your property to obtain your business as the majority of tenants will only be prepared to pay a market rent and, therefore, if the rent is set too high at the start it may take several months for your property to let, usually only then at a lower rent, with a consequential loss of revenue. With over 400 properties on our books we are able to advise you of the rents we are currently achieving for similar properties to yours to provide comparable's with the rent we are proposing. It should also be remembered that tenants who believe that they are getting value for money will generally stay longer in a property than those who feel that they are paying above the market rent.

Following our visit we will write to you confirming the valuation and our fees but will then leave you to decide on whether you wish to place your property with us. As a professional residential property management company we will not pursue you for your business but will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

We do not object to your property being marketed with other agents at the same time as with us but this can prove counter productive as the property will be advertised more times in the same place and may be perceived by prospective tenants as having something wrong with it. It is better to select one agent who you are confident will find you the right tenant at the market rent and manage your property in a proactive and professional manner.

We are extremely strict in our tenant selection but other agents may take less care in endeavouring to achieve a quick let which, in the long term, may prove detrimental to your interests. Please be aware of agents who advertise that they have 'waiting' tenants as, in reality, the majority of tenants require accommodation within a relatively short space of time therefore, if an agent does not have a property to suit their needs, they will look elsewhere. It is only when your property is advertised that it will attract interest.

Once you have made your decision to place your property with us please telephone on 01480 459999 or email: We will acknowledge your instructions in writing and, if necessary, arrange to take external and internal photographs. Subject to your agreement we may take photographs at the initial meeting which will allow us, once we receive your instructions, to market your property straight away, often on the same day that you contact us.

Our Standard Management Fee is 10.0% plus VAT (12% inclusive of VAT) calculated on the rent achieved. Lower fees may apply dependent on the size of the property and whether a landlord has more than one property with us to manage.

Please note that our management fee is inclusive of the services we provide. We do not charge an initial setting up fee nor do we charge separately for preparation of the Tenancy Agreement or Schedule of Condition and Inventory. It is important that you are aware of this fact when comparing our fee with other agents fees as their headline rate may be lower but often the extra charges they make increase the overall cost to much more than our inclusive fee.

Further detailed information regarding our services may be found by clicking on: Pennington Properties Prospectus

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